We wanted to provide lovers of New Zealand with a sustainable and unique gift that will last forever... so here are Into The Flax Aroma Flasks!

Our Aroma Flasks are 100% NZ made, constructed from beautiful native salvaged Rimu. They are an aesthetic and natural alternative to artificial scent diffusers and the leather thong makes it easy for them to be hung anywhere. Just drop in your favourite essential oil and voila! Your senses will be lifted.

The Aroma Flasks work best in small spaces for example, your car, wardrobe, cupboards or even in your handbag to take around with you. Initially 15 drops of your favourite essential oil, then in 2-4 weeks, top the flasks up with another 10 drops. 

We have 6 different Aroma Flask designs, including a few Kiwiana inspired designs. 

These make the ideal gift or souvenir as they are an easy size to transport. The Aroma Flasks are handmade with care and love, a beautiful touch of unique New Zealand!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Aroma Flask?

Take the lid off and put 15 drops of your favourite essential oil into the opening. The sponge will hold onto the oil until the wood takes on the scent. Fit the lid back then hang your Rimu Aroma Flask in a small space that you want smelling divine! Top up with 10 drops when needed.


How long will the scent last for?

Depending on what essential oil you use, some are stronger than others, and what kind of space you have it in. For example if you have your flask in the hot car the scent will last for 1 week, if you have it in a small wardrobe it'll last 4 weeks. We had a Aroma Flask in a storage box in the a cool garage and it was still fragrant after 4 months! 


What kind of oils can I use in the Aroma Flask?

We recommend you use essential oils as they're natural and better for your health as well the planet. Each essential oil differs in strength, therefore will determine the amount of time your Aroma Flask stays fragrant. For example eucalyptus and peppermint oil will last longer than lemon oil. Fragrance oils can also be used, these are cheaper but are synthetic in their production and won't give you the benefits of natural oils.


When can I change the essential oil fragrance in the Aroma Flask?

You can change the oil fragrance as soon as the existing smell no longer remains. The flask will not be damaged if you mix the oils together. Just be aware if you over fill it, the oils will leak out a little. 


Can I send a Aroma Flask overseas?

Rimu wood isn't a boarer hosting wood therefore we haven't had any problems in the past with our flasks being shipped overseas. However, this does also depend on the specific countries customs laws and we can't make any guarantees. 


How long does shipping take and what are the rates?

Auckland wide delivery $4.50 - up to 2-3 working days

NZ wide delivery $4.50 - up to 2-5 working days

Rural Shipping $6.50 - an extra 2-3 working days on top of regular shipping. 


We believe in preserving our beautiful environment, thats why all of our packaging is 100% plastic free! Everything that arrives at your door has been carefully selected so that the packaging can be disposed of responsibly. See our Shipping Page for further details. 


If you have any further questions, here is the contact us page.